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Welcome to Race Stat Central the place on the web to store your racing data. This project started off as a way to me to learn more on web design and databases. I saw a potential to help the racing community by developing a program to organize all of the important data people search hours for all in one place. Find previous years points standings, schedules, race results, heat results, and driver statistics all in one place.

Using Race Stat Central your data will be neatly organized and easy to read. Using iframes your Race Stat Central data can be displayed onto your website, keeping the traffic on your site.

Errors are a thing of the past with Race Stat Central if you put the driver in the right finishing position all points will be added correctly. No more need to use confusing excel spreadsheets. And if you do make an error a few clicks and it is corrected. No more updating your spreadsheet and changing the website, it is all done for you instantly on Race Stat Central.

Currently versions include touring series, weekly track and a version for personal driver statistics. If you have any questions or comments contact us.

Northeast Dirt Modified Data

In 2012, as a way to show the power of using databases for racing data, I created a custom program to cover the statistical side of Dirt Modified racing with the Big Block/Small Block modifieds. What has started off as a small project has gained popularity by giving in-depth statistics not seen anywhere else. With an organized database setup we are able to take race results and turn them into the statistics seen on the page. Feel free to look around and see how Race Stat Central can help and organize your data. The link to the main page is right here.

Step into the future

Do more with your data. Once your data is put into our database we will work with you so what you want to be shown WILL be shown. The possibilities are really endless with Race Stat Central.

Want to do something with your data that we that is not currently offered? No problem, here at Race Stat Central we will work with you so what you want will happen and look the way you want it to.

Over the last couple of months I personally took on a challenge to use Race Stat Central to create something that no one else had done before. I created a driver ranking system that is based off of numbers and not off of someone's idea who is better than who. Using a complex iteration method and calculations that cannot be done with a spreadsheet program.



"Race Stat Central made life so easy. With so much work behind operating a tour and sanctioning body, this program made one of the most time consuming jobs very quick and painless." - Brandon Clapperton - Empire Sport Trucks