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Race Stat Central was created to eliminate the painful and time consuming process of keeping your statistics up to date and accurate. With Race Stat Central's easy to use statistics uploader, statistics are calculated automatically, saving time to do other parts of your operation.

Race Stat Central was created by a racer/fan for racers/fans. The goal was to keep the program simple and easy to navigate and use, but still provide all of the statistics that would be desired.

Originally started as a project to learn about the use of databases and websites, this project quickly grew legs and took off. Spending hours and hours making the program more user friendly while keeping it powerful enough to accomplish what I wanted. Using my spare time at college I read articles and browsed other websites looking for features to add to Race Stat Central, while also looking for features that would be unique as well.

As time went on I found more applications for where this software could be used. Originally to be used for just as a series program, I began to find many tracks that were slow to update results and points. This was an area where I saw a chance to make a great improvement. With my idea for speedy input current users can use their smart phone and update points and results right from the track! But with this became the simple problem that series and weekly tracks different stats would be monitored. While the series program could be used for a weekly application, it would appear as more of a band-aid rather than its own program. So I soon sat off to work on the weekly part of the program. Again learning more tips and tricks and adding them back to the series program. After some time the weekly program was added to my arsenal of available software.

The next phase of my project came when someone asked me the simple question of "How many wins does your Dad have?". Quite frankly I had no idea, then it hit me, make a program for drivers to use so that question can be easily answered. (Side note I still don't have all of the data for my Dad's races). After creating the program with what I would like to see I asked other people of what they would like to see. Soon I had a program that I was proud to add to my list of products.

Starting with a post on a race forum of "Who is the best driver?". I have put a lot of thought into this, working with various people trying the best way to take the human bias out and make it purely mathematical. After using close to 5 or 6 different systems that just did not give me the results I was looking for I stopped and really put some thought into this project. My goal is to give a relationship from driver to driver even though those drivers may of never raced against each other. So using the principle of "degrees of separation" I attempted to turn a mix of oranges, apples, pears, and peanuts into all apples. So using all of the data from the season I developed a way to rank drivers, by using the finishing positions in races, giving weights for each race (dependent on drivers weights), and then weighing the results, giving a driver ranking that is not dependent on races ran but on quality of finish and quality of race. This has not been cut loose yet for public use, but it is coming along very nicely.

If you have any comments or questions use the contact us link below.