Race Stat Central was created to eliminate the painful and time consuming process of keeping your statistics up to date and accurate. With Race Stat Central's easy to use statistics uploader, statistics are calculated automatically, saving time to do other parts of your operation.

Race Stat Central was created by a racer/fan for racers/fans. The goal was to keep the program simple and easy to navigate and use, but still provide all of the statistics that would be desired.

Originally started as a project to learn about the use of databases and websites, this project quickly grew legs and took off. Spending hours and hours making the program more user friendly while keeping it powerful enough to accomplish what I wanted. Using my spare time at college I read articles and browsed other websites looking for features to add to Race Stat Central, while also looking for features that would be unique as well.

Race Stat Central started as a way for series, tracks, and drivers to orgainze their data. The idea was to make it set of generic programs to cover a set of needs. Over time I quickly noticed that each program needed a slight tweak to meet the customer needs. Over time I noticed customized database solutions was what most customers were needing. Now using the base of programs and nearly ten years of experience, Race Stat Central is your place for motorsports custom database solutions.